Holy Convocation 2007

April 4 - 7, 2007, ABUJA.

Since the birthing of the Emergent Church through National (Corporate) expression in 1989, there have been 17 conventions. The 2007 convention will make the 18th of such annual gatherings of the Lord’s people across the Nation for Holy Convocations.

The Convocations are prophetic, in that the mind of the Lord for the church at the end times are expressed, and divine charges go forth to the emerging body of God’s Sons across the Nation. It has recently assumed the status of an International Convention, as brethren from outside Nigeria also attend.

There were apprehensions, as to whether the 2007 conference should hold, or not; judging form political utterances that tend to send signals of fear. On seeking the Lord, however, He made it clear the conference holding or not depends on us; with clear indications of the need for prayers for the state of affairs in the Nation.



Date: – April 4th – 9th 2007 (5 Days, as against 4 days of 2006 Conference).

Venue: – The National Centre for Women Development, Central Area, Abuja.


  • Non – Residential Conferees

Those in this category will not need to pay any registration fees, but may give offering as burdened of the Lord to offset Non-Residential costs. Such are assumed to have places to stay; but advisedly within Abuja metropolis, for logistic reasons. They will be however required to register at the conference venue, only for record purposes. They also have a choice of eating with other conferees by purchasing the complete meal tickets for N2,000.00 (Two Thousand Naira) each.

  • Residential Conferees

Those in this category consist of all who desire various categories of accommodation; in places where brethren will reside together. The details of the various Residential registrations are as follows:-

  • General Accommodation Registration

Those in this category shall be accommodated at the NYSC ORIENTATION CAMP, KUBWAABUJA. (A Hostel/Dormitory type accommodation).

Transportation to and from the conference venue shall be provided. This will also take care of transportation in the afternoons for rest/break periods. The Registration fee for this category is N4,000.00/person. (Four Thousand Naira/person). There shall be separate dormitory for men and women.

The children are expected to stay with parents of the same sex with them, but shall have their own separate beds and mattresses. The N4,000/person  includes accommodation, feeding & transportation, throughout the 5 days of the programme.

  • Shared Hotel Room Accommodation

This category shall be accommodated in hotels with basic conveniences (Air-conditioners, water Heater, etc.) but will be 3 persons/room (of same sex). The hotels for this category shall be in the metropolis and transportation shall be provided to and from the conference venue to hotels (including rest periods). The Registration fee for this category is N8,500 per person. (Eight Thousand, Five Hundred Naira/person).  This covers accommodation, feeding and transportation for the 5 days of the conference).

  • Family/Special Hotel Room Reservation

 The accommodation in this category shall be in hotels of 4 or 5 star categories, very likely ROCKVIEW HOTEL, ABUJA. The rooms shall be standard rooms, with all basic conveniences of a 4/5 star Hotel. The Hotel rooms shall go for N40,000.00 per room (Forty Thousand Naira/Room) throughout the 5 days of the conference. (The cost is only for rooms and does not include feeding. Each person in such rooms is to buy a meal Brochure for N2,000 each (Two Thousand Naira); covering 2 meals per day for Adults and 3 meals per day for children under 16 years of age. Transportation to and from the conference venue is included in the costs)

Note: The maximum number of occupants per such room is 2 Adults +3 children (Not Adults). Families with more than this number may opt for extra rooms.


  • Single Suites Accommodation (Women Development Centre)

This consists of standard rooms with sitting rooms, with all basic conveniences. However, the centre has warned against misuse and overcrowding (Maximum of 2 Adults + 3 Children per suite).  Fee is N35,000.00 per suite. (Thirty-Five Thousand/Suite).  There are very limited suites and accommodation and these suites is on first-pay basis. Hence the first 20 persons to indicate & pay will secure a suite each. It has the advantage of being at the conference venue.

  • Children Registrations

This category is for those below 16 years of age, and specifically, who will stay with their parents at the NYSC Orientation camp, Kubwa, Abuja. The fee is N2,500.00per  child (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira/Child) and includes bed space, feeding (3 times daily) and transportation throughout the 5 days of the conference. This category is subsidized.

  1. Pre – Conference Registration Forms

Fellowships are requested to make photo-copies and fill the pre-Conference registration forms, and return, preferably by Courier Services or E-mail, before the end of January 2007. This is to ensure adequate plans are made for each fellowship. Forms returned after February 10th will come under stand-by arrangement.

  1. Conference Registration Fees

All conference fees shall be paid through the Bank, and Bank Tellers kept for accounts reconciliation at the conference.


  • All money paid should be with fellowship location names. E.g. Oyo, Ibadan, Ketu, Ikeja, etc.
  • Bank Tellers for payments should therefore have the payee sections filled with fellowship location. This is to avoid mix-ups
  • Fellowships may send in their money instalmentally, as records shall be opened for every payment made.
  • Those who desire Family/Special Hotel reservations are expected to pay, at least 50% of their total Hotel fees, latest by March 04th 2007, to guarantee a room in the Hotels of the standards we plan for. Such advance payments shall be made to he Hotels as deposits to secure the rooms.
  • All such advance payments shall be made through the local fellowships, which in turn will remit such to the conference accounts.

Conference Account Details

  • Bank:– UBA PLC (pay in through any Branch)
  • Account Name:- ADEGOKE KOLAWOLE



Let us remember the word of the Lord to us that we can hold the conference, if we wish to, but must be ready to pray.

It is advised that we remember the decision to fast and pray for Nigeria and towards the 2007 elections, every first Sunday of each month.

However, each fellowship may set aside additional periods to fast and pray towards the 2007 National Conference, and the Nation.




Brethren from outside Nigeria, who wish to be acquainted with the Lord’s burden for His church at the end times, of raising an army of sons, are encouraged to attend or send representatives.

It is clear these conferences are favoured with the finger of prophecies, to point the way to Zion; and to let God’s emerging sons know how far they have gone on the road to mount Zion and how far they yet have to go.

Note: All Brethren from outside Nigeria, seeking to attend the conference should inform us of the details of their coming and the number coming from such country; arrangements can then be made to receive and transport them around for the conference.



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"...And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come..." -Matthew 24:14