Dear Brethren,
This is just the initial gist of the recent Crusade in Sierra Leone. A comprehensive detail later.
1. We had a very good support and encouragement from the media. We got a 45 minutes interview moderated by the DG of the National TV station and broadcast live for several days before the program commenced.

2. Another interview was covered live by two Radio stations. These were all God’s divine favor.

3. Majority of the Christian associations participated in the crusade.

4. A medical outreach, a miracle crusade and a prophetic conference were originally planned, but we held a medical outreach, a miracle crusade and follow-up. (The prophetic conference has been shifted to April for the purpose of having a more effective conference).

5. Over 100 patients were operated upon without single mishap or death, and over 2,000 attended to. (A particular patient testified to have seen five (5) men in white standing around him while the operation lasted).

6. A very unfortunate experience was encountered on the 1st day of the medical outreach where wrong medication was unknowingly supplied and administered to a handful of patients. It was so bad that the outcome could be blindness or death. Brethren waited on the Lord for the whole night on their behalf and God intervened. There was no casualty or loss of sight.

7. FIVE clear cases of patients who miraculously received eyesight without medical treatments during the outreach.

8. A baby with a hernia swelling got healed on the first night. The hernia disappeared during the meeting.

9. A man who had been mad and well known around for a long time was soundly healed. He later came around 2 days later and personally recorded the day’s ministration.
(This was relayed over the media by the journalist who was present at the Crusade).

The emphasis of the crusade was not miracles but the restoration of the land; but signs, wonders and miracles attended the preaching of God’s word.

There was no time to take the testimonies, as each night was loaded with needs for ministrations. However, people on their own came forward to relay these few testimonies.

No offering was taken as usual. This did not go down well with the churches there. They complained that this will be a bad precedence for them, that they will not be able to collect offerings in crusades after this. Anyway, the will of God had to be done.
Everything was “freely you have received and freely you shall give”.

There were some suspicions on our genuiness that the immigration office had to collect the details and contacts of the ministers to be sure it was not 419. They were stunned by such gesture. In fact, they did say that no black ministers have ever brought the gospel freely to them in this manner. And that since Reinhard Bonnke’s crusade, none has been as successful as this

God miraculously gave favor for a mission house, a duplex, to be rented for the brethren staying back for the follow up at half the price of the house.

The land is morally decadent and full of wickedness, abject poverty and intense hunger is another challenge.

Prayer must be offered continually for them

Many souls were saved.

The main challenge now is the follow-up. That God might release laborers to His harvest and give wisdom and grace to the brethren out there.

"...And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come..." -Matthew 24:14